Offering quality services in Waterproofing of Structures and a qualitative range of chemicals such as PERMAKAR 3, PERMAPROOF, BOND-X, PERMANAR, PERMACIL, PERMACIL-GA, PERMACIL-PR2, etc. for Waterproofing, Surface Protection and Repair of Structures.

Engineering Services International

We contributed extensively to the international state of art in many areas of engineering.

Engineering Services International pioneered technologies in different spheres. Enhancing the life span of concrete structures through the provision of surface protection systems in the nature of waterproofing treatment is one such example. The concept is codified in Section 8.2 of the Indian Standard IS 456 and in other standards as an essential requirement for concrete structures, given todays materials of construction. Todays new-found practice of providing surface protection to concrete bridges is one of many contributions by Engineering Services International. In the sphere of waterproofing, Engineering Service International pioneered the art of making tunnels, pits and basements watertight and waterproof without having to take recourse to any grouting or injection. Owing to the appropriateness and supremacy of our developed waterproofing systems, and the functional effectiveness and excellent durability of our waterproofing treatments, even the Indian Railways have accepted and employed 18 items of waterproofing treatment that complies with our PERMAKAR Technology to safeguard quality and enhance lifespan of their concrete bridges, buildings, tunnels, reservoirs & various other water retaining structures. 

We manufacture and sell specially formulated products for use in the waterproofing treatment and surface protection of structures. We have invented KARFIB, a steel fibre that has given the best performance. A system of constructions with mats of KARFIB fibres, impregnated with cement-sand mortar has been patented in India. The waterproofing services we render can be utilized to tackle problems of water leakage and seepage in different structures, including roofs and other exposed concrete as well as masonry surfaces. These can also be used to deal with water leakage and seepage problems in basements, tunnels, water tanks and other water retaining structures, and even concrete bridges and viaducts.

We manufacture and sell waterproofing and construction chemicals conforming to waterproofing systems under our PERMAKAR Technology. PERMAKAR, PERMAPROOF, PERMANAR, PERMATHERM, PERMASULPH, BOND-X, ANTICOR are well known names in India. We are reckoned as one of the reputed manufacturers of surface protection chemicals such as PERMACIL, PERMACIL-B, PERMACIL-BA, PERMACIL-GA, PERMACIL-GY, PERMACIL-LG, PERMACIL-PR2, PERMACIL-RW, PERMACIL-SR, PERMACIL-W, PERMATHERM, etc. for protection against water and aggressive environments. Leading industrial manufacturers are regular buyers of our products. 

Bureau of Indian Standards, Central Public Works Department, Indian Roads Congress, the Indian Railway Board have all agreed with our concept and issued their guides, standards and circulars on enhancement of life span of concrete structures through the provision of surface protection systems in the form of waterproofing treatment. The effectiveness and durability of our waterproofing treatments have enabled us to gain the highest reputation and goodwill in the market, as can be recognized from the adoption of numerous specifications on waterproofing in the line of our PERMAKAR Technology by the Indian Railways, Public Works Department and others.

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Waterproofing Chemicals
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