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Engineering Services International, with demonstrated capabilities in frontier areas of engineering, with numerous consultancy assignments on nuclear power and defence R&D projects and with path-breaking contributions to the sphere of knowledge through many publications in scores of national and international journals, proudly introduces itself as a reputed firm engaged in offering a wide range of waterproofing and chemical treatment services, and as a manufacturer and supplier of products required to waterproof and protect structures.

Registered in 1980 in the City of New York, we have evolved into a prominent one-stop solution for all types of waterproofing requirements for structures. Besides manufacturing and selling waterproofing and other surface protection chemicals, today we provide services all over India. Our office is situated in Salt Lake City, Kolkata.

The company, under the leadership of its proprietor, Dr Anil K. Kar, Ph.D., F.ASCE, functions with the mission to render services of the highest professional standard to its esteemed clients utilizing all the available resources and knowledge in wide areas of engineering.  The service of the highest professional standard was partly recognized on October 13, 2015 when the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Geoprofessional Business Association recognized Dr Kar with The Professional Practice Ethics and Leadership Award.

Dr Anil K Kar, MS (USA), PhD (USA), the proprietor of ESI with over 50 years’ experience in nuclear power and other projects in different continents and in research, innovation and invention, is the holder of many patents in India and abroad and author of over one hundred eighty technical publications. He is an international leader in diverse areas of engineering, may those be missile impact phenomenon or waterproofing of structures.

Our performance has created a standard in the industry while our ideas and concepts on the essentiality of waterproofing treatment as a means to making concrete structures durable are today recognized in various standards, guides and schedules.

We established a strong foothold in the market and have earned name and fame with our knowledge-based ideas, concepts, products and services. Our team of competent professionals offer exemplary services in the nature of effective and durable waterproofing treatment to all types of concrete structures : tunnels, basements, water reservoirs, swimming pools, dry docks and other water retaining structures, bridges, buildings, etc. as a means to lengthening the life span of such structures.

Our advocacy of the essentiality of providing waterproofing treatment to concrete bridges and other structures is one of our contributions to the area of making concrete bridges and other structures durable.  The idea is catching on.  The Bureau of Indian Standards, the Indian Roads Congress, the Indian Railways, and other organisations have adopted the concept.  While the Indian Roads Congress has issued its standards, the Indian Railways have adopted the specifications in the line of our PERMAKAR  Technology.

The PSWC-bar, innovated by us, has been recognized with awards in India and in the USA.  Its use can greatly enhance the life span of concrete structures without the need for any additional effort or cost.  The PSWC-bar has many positive attributes to become the standard rebar for concrete construction.

As problem solvers, we undertake assignments only if specifications, developed by us, and special materials, manufactured by us, will be used in the work. This has consistently helped us provide solutions to vexing problems of water seepages and leakages, thereby enhancing the life span of the treated structures through effective and durable waterproofing treatment.

While our treatments have enhanced the life span of all the treated structures, in a few cases the success of our treatment helped organisations to survive and grow manifold. At least a couple of those occupy important positions in the industrial scene in India today.

The knowledge-based solutions to problems of water seepages and leakages have meant incorporation of specifications, developed by us, into books of schedules of different central and state government organisations. Among these organisations is Indian Railways who have adopted eighteen of our items for waterproofing treatment of concrete and masonry structures in the Indian Railways Unified Standard Specifications and Schedules of Rates.

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