As a zero-cost solution to the world-wide problem of early distress in reinforced concrete structures of recent decades, Dr Anil K Kar, Proprietor of Engineering Services International, has developed the innovative solution in the form of PSWC-bar, which has received patent rights in the People’s Republic of China.

At no cost addition, the PSWC-bar enhances the life span of concrete structures several fold, thereby dramatically lowering the life cycle cost of concrete constructions.  It increases the load bearing capacity, ductility and energy absorbing capacity of reinforced concrete structures by several hundred percent, thereby not only making concrete structures durable and cheaper but also safer thereby having the potential to save lives and properties during earthquakes.

The longer life span means that the use of PSWC-bars as rebars in concrete construction can lower the total (from all sources) global emission of CO2 by 5 to 7 percent.

PSWC-bar is a game-changer.  With so many positive attributes, it has all the potentials to be the standard rebar for concrete construction.

Holder of patent rights in India and abroad on rebar, fibre concrete, waterproofing materials, etc.


With decades of experience in defence research and in nuclear power projects in different continents, backed by extensive research in and contributions to frontier areas of engineering, and observations that waterproofing treatments by Engineering Services International led to virtual stoppage of the process of corrosion in rebars in concrete structures, we pioneered the concept of durability of concrete structures through surface protection by waterproofing.

Specialist consultants, specialist constructors and manufacturer of construction chemicals

Having international reputation in diverse areas of engineering, e.g.  missile impact phenomena and  weapon design, stability of structures subjected to hydrostatic pressure, seismic qualification of nuclear safety related systems and equipment, analysis for nonlinear structural systems, Dr Anil K Kar, our proprietor, started business operations in the name and style of Engineering Services International in the year 1980. It was initially registered in the City of New York.

Engineering Services International, the creator of PERMAKAR Technology for innovative concrete construction and for making concrete structures durable, provides

  • Consultancy services on challenging engineering problems in areas identified above
  • Construction services in structural repairs, patented KARCRETE for durable concrete structures, surface protection and waterproofing of concrete structures
In due consideration of the effectiveness and durability of waterproofing treatments in accordance with systems in line with our PERMAKAR Technology for waterproofing, twelve specifications and eighteen schedules, originally developed by Engineering Services International, have found place in the Indian Railways Unified Standard Specifications (Works & Materials) & Schedule of Rates for projects of Indian Railways all over India.

Engineering Services International (ESI), currently based in Salt Lake City, Kolkata, India, has contributed extensively to the international state-of-art in civil and other areas of engineering, most closely related to nuclear power projects, defence research and development, tall and long span structures, cement, steel reinforcing bars, durability of concrete structures, surface protection and waterproofing of concrete structures, applied mathematics, missile impact phenomena, explosions, shock, vibration and earthquake engineering.

Some of the contributions have helped set the international standards.

The highly acclaimed PSWC-bar, the fruit of our innovation, has the power to change the course of engineering and the efforts to make the world a more liveable place.  At no extra effort or cost, the use of PSWC-bar as rebars in concrete construction can greatly enhance the life span of concrete structures, make concrete structures safer during earthquake events, and lower global carbon dioxide emission by about 5.0 percent and lower the warming of the environment.  All of these at no added effort or cost.

Besides innovating the amazing PSWC-bar for earthquake resistant and durable concrete structures, Engineering Services International, a pioneer in enhancing the life span of concrete structures through surface protection, manufactures :

  • Construction chemicals for waterproofing and surface protection of concrete and steel structures
  • Construction chemicals for repairs of concrete structures
Engineering Services International did not rest there. Innovative ideas of its proprietor, Dr Anil K Kar, led to the development of PSWC-bar, with its plain surface and gentle wave-type configuration, which can make reinforced concrete structures more durable and safer against earthquake motions, all at no additional cost, thus making the world a more livable place.  The use of PSWC-bar also helps to reduce the total global carbon dioxide emission by about 5.0% by cutting down on the requirements for cement and rebar production.  Consequently, the use of PSWC-bar can help reduce the global warming too.

It can thus be a one-stop solution at Engineering Services International for many challenging engineering problems.

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